Rabid 2 Hacked

Release Date: July 13, 2020

About Rabid 2 Hacked

Rabid 2 hacked unblocked is finally out giving you more challenges to explore! The second chapter of this Action game online will keep you entertained for sure. You will have to take control of your powerful robot in order to take out all wicked zombies before they kill you. Try to make your way through all dangers, dodge their attacks, and be sure to survive until the end. Show off all your skills, perform your actions and attempt to become the ultimate winner.

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move, tap spacebar for jumping, press keys ASD to attack enemies, key P to pause the game.
Hack info: Press key 6 for toggling more life, key 7 for toggling defence, key 8 for toggling stamina, key 9 to gain more money, and key 0 to create random opponent.

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