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Author Vincent Calendar July 29, 2022

Please contact us via with your problems at We will solve the problems to help you have Minecraft game experience here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any issues with your experience at But please contact us with the right way to get the most suitable answer from us. We always try to respond to you in multiple ways and ensure issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

So, we would like to mention some of the ways that you can connect with us. We always encourage you to share your opinions about games, experience quality, bugs, terms and policies.

When should you contact us and how should you do it?

While we always encourage you to contact us for any problems you have while visiting our website, you also need to do so in the right way and at the right time. You should make sure you’re really having a problem when you contact us but not because you want to joke or experience.

We only reach out and resolve cases that make sense for all users at So, under what circumstances should you contact us? We will list a few scenarios below:

  • You have a problem with your Minecraft game experience at our website. It could be about loading speed, data loss, login failure, unexpected page exits and more. We need your feedback to improve and update this website. Therefore, we always prioritize solving these problems as soon as possible.
  • You want to notify us of some issues related to security, information or violations, for example, you want to ask us to stop collecting personal information, solve information theft problems , support updating your information…
  • You would like to share your opinions about the terms and privacy policy at this website. We will consider your comments and many other users to make adjustments to the policies and terms if necessary.
  • You want to share your favorite games and expect us to add them to the site.

The fastest and most effective ways for you to contact us

For not so serious problems, you should comment below the game. Some other gamers who have experienced your problem can help you solve the problem quickly. We will also review your comments and respond to you soon, of course.

For important matters, you should contact us via email: But make sure you include your account name, email, and problem. We have to review many emails in a certain time, so we may be late to respond to you, please keep calm in the waiting time.

Note, we will refuse to respond or even block attempts to spam our mailboxes. Please do not do that or you may be removed from the list of users at this site. Also, make sure your email has content, attachments, or any other form of text. Invalid emails will be sent to the trash box or removed by us.

So, we have outlined the situations and ways for you to contact us if you are a user at Don’t hesitate to contact us whether you have a small or big problem, but make sure you do it the right way! We always encourage every user to interact with us to get to know each other better.

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