Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16

Release Date: July 16, 2020

About Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16 Free Download

Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16

Minecraft Java Edition version a1.0.16 free download brings you a wide array of additions and changes. Click to download Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16 for free to experience them all. It is known as a version of Java Edition adding brand new features with some commands for servers. Besides, a notable change brought to you by this edition is that now the game supports for more records. Minecraft a1.0.16 was introduced to players on August 11th, 2010. So now, you can download it for free!

Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16

Java Edition
Server version
Release date
August 12, 2010
Protocol version
Other instances of 1.0.16
Nintendo Switch Edition

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