Minecraft 1.9.3-pre1

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Download Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre1 for free to have a more stable experience than the previous. There have been improvements in this version, please refer.

Download Minecraft Snapshot for free for a new exciting building adventure! Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre1 is a kind of Minecraft Snapshot Preview, and it’s known as the initial.

Minecraft 1.9.3-pre1

Java Edition
Release date
April 21, 2016
Pre-release for
Protocol version
Data version

Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre1 and some important information

The version helps players have a chance to experience new changes, new additions, and hotfixes. Present fixes have already solved some bugs from the former version as well. They are available to enhance gaming performance.

Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre1 includes notable changes and modifications with more engaging content. The change will come from the /tp command format as the player will no longer teleport the player to a y coordinate outside the -512 to 512 range. In addition, the four fixed issues that have in this release are:

  • Parts of the ‘dead’ skin pattern cause problems while playing
  • Under specific conditions, parts of the jacket are not visible
  • Teleporting to y = (-) infinity will ruin the world
  • Crashed when going outside the altitude limit

With the current change, players can easily interact with objects in the game. Besides, they are able to check new interesting things their way. The Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre1 eventually launched on April 21, 2016. You can download it with the Client and Server. Its protocol version is 109, together with data version 180.

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