Minecraft 1.9.3-pre3

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Download Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre3 unblocked will help you enjoy the journey to explore the cubic world with certain changes compared to the previous one.

Download Minecraft Snapshot for free for a new exciting building adventure! Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre3 is a kind of Minecraft Snapshot Preview, and it’s known as the initial.

Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre3 with many important improvements

In this version, you will have a chance to discover new changes, new additions, together with some hot fixes, promising to enhance the gaming experience for all players, especially when they have gone through some bugs in the former version.

Minecraft 1.9.3-pre3

Java Edition
Release date
May 3, 2016
Protocol version
Data version

New features added in command format

Sound events were not available in the snapshot, instead, this command format is only available in 1.8.x and earlier versions.

Some sound events have been available but not used in the actual game.

A lot of fixed bugs

From Minecraft Snapshot versions released before 1.9

  • World bundled resource pack not working on the server

From Minecraft Snapshot version developed 1.9

  • In books 1.7 and earlier enter only the first word written.
  • The eye of the finisher is not for any new stronghold
  • Allow user to switch to another world while loading another world in the “Loading World” GUI overlay
  • Added sound names for some missing sound events
  • Correct subtitles and spelling errors
  • Horses are against the wall when taken down
  • Minecraft world resource pack save file not working
  • Black screen instead of credits in multiplayer

The previous development version

  • Monsters spawn entities with NBT cards and monsters without card Pos in the wrong places.

With the new alterations, players will be able to interact with objects in the game more easily as well as experience new interesting things. The Minecraft version 1.9.3-pre3 was eventually launched on May 3, 2016. You can download it with the Client and Server. Its protocol version is 110, together with data version 182.

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