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Minecraft 11w48a is the next snapshot for 1.1. It is a free download apk for Minecraft that contains useful differences and other important information.

Minecraft 11w48a is the second edition for your experience with Java Edition 1.1. Its aim is to give modifications in terms of blocks, items, and world generation.

Minecraft 11w48a makes changes to various blocks, items, and world generation

You may have known that there are lots of things to explore in a survival game like Minecraft. Hence, it is good for the in-game things to have some changes to improve players’ experience. This is why version 11w48a was made.

Minecraft 11w48a Snapshot Preview
Minecraft 11w48a Snapshot Preview

In this version, you will explore various changes. Those changes are for necessary things such as blocks, items, as well as world generation. These elements also aim to liven up the worlds in the game.

Minecraft 11w48a

Java Edition
Release date
December 1, 2011
Protocol version

Detailed changes for blocks, items, and world generation

The first change is for Farmland. You can trample it now if you jump or fall on it. The Farmland is fine even if you walk on it. The mobs are also able to jump on the Farmland to trample it. However, they will not walk on it.

Apples are great fruits in the game. They come with a 1/200 chance of releasing from oak leaves.

For the world generation, the void fog is not in the Creative mode. Besides, the temperature value of Taiga has decreased from 0.3 to 0.05.

Minecraft 11w48a free download promises to make the world in the game more dynamic and more amazing to explore.

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