Minecraft 15w35a Download

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Minecraft 15w35a Download gives a great vibe when it features modifications for command blocks, mobs, and fixes. You can play this version to explore them!

Minecraft 15w35a Download modifies the way you play Minecraft. It will be in a better way thanks to unique command blocks, mobs, as well as some amazing fixes.

Minecraft 15w35a Snapshot Preview
Minecraft 15w35a Snapshot Preview

Minecraft 15w35a Download lets you play the game in an amazing way

15w35a is the fourteenth snapshot in the series of Java Edition 1.9. It treats the gaming performance better by modifying some in-game elements such as blocks, mobs, and fixes. So, you can also explore them for better performance.

Minecraft 15w35a

Java Edition
Release date
August 24, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

Modifications in this version

The command blocks in Minecraft now come with a unique option. It is about Needs Redstone or Always Action. Besides, they also have textures. You can see how curved the back of the arrow texture is when you set the command block to conditional.

About the in-game mobs, there are Zombie Villagers. They are common mobs but they have some traits now. For instance, they come with a new VillagerProfession tag. You will use this tag to find out the profession that the zombie represents.

There are also some fixes for you to use in the version. For instance, the game has a fix for floating mob heads that are above the baby mobs. The fix is when the mobs wear hitbox high.

Besides, the version also fixes when some blocks face in the wrong way if you put them in an item frame.

Minecraft 15w35a Free Download brings you a bunch of great modifications for the performance in the game.

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