Minecraft 15w35d Download

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Minecraft 15w35d Download is one of the best snapshots featuring bug fixes. They are amazing fixes for various actions when you perform with in-game mobs.

Minecraft 15w35d Download lets you easily interact with objects in Minecraft. It is thanks to fixes for in-game issues. They aim to give you a good mood when playing.

Minecraft 15w35d for Java Edition 1.9
Minecraft 15w35d for Java Edition 1.9

Minecraft 15w35d Download includes simple yet useful fixes for your issues

If you have experienced issues in the previous 15w35c, then let this version 15w35d fixes them for you. It is the seventeenth snapshot that is in the collection of Java Edition 1.9. The version is easy to download and it contains some simple fixes.

Minecraft 15w35d

Java Edition
Release date
August 28, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

Simple fixes in the version

The fixes range from various development versions. For instance, in version 87563, there is a fix for punching a wolf that makes the game crash.

Besides, the version 87567 also has a fix for when you ride a pig and click the right mouse button. That pig has a carrot on a stick. With this fix, the game will not crash.

In version 87569, there is a fix for when you defeat a named silverfish causing the game to crash.

You will find the game pretty cool once the issues are solved by the fixes in this version. They are probably not the best fixes but they are already good enough to smoothen your gaming performance. Hence, these fixes are worth giving a try.

Minecraft 15w35d Free Download is usable with the Client and Server. Your experience will be better with this version.

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