Minecraft 15w35e Download

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Minecraft 15w35e download is a version about improving the in-game world. It improves by giving fixes for bugs players experienced in the former version.

Minecraft 15w35e download aims to make the world in the game better. The version will solve potential world corruption by adding a variety of fixes for some bugs.

Minecraft 15w35e Download gives you an amazing world to explore

Java Edition 1.9 has a variety of snapshot versions, and the above version is the eighteenth one. It was made for repairing potential world corruption in the game.

Minecraft Snapshot 15w35e Game
Minecraft Snapshot 15w35e Game

The version features some fixes

For the versions prior to 1.9, when you call for Ender crystals, you will create lag for the game. However, there is a fix for this bug and it is for the Multiplayer.

Minecraft 15w35e

Java Edition
Release date
August 28, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

The fix for the 1.8 development versions is also unique. It is when you use Ctrl and Mouse Click on jukeboxes with discs, you can put empty jukeboxes.

If you are on the 1.9 development versions, then the fix is for lingering potion launched in the fire or lava. This will make a large fire.

Minecraft 15w35e free download features simple fixes but they will help to improve the world in the game a lot.

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