Minecraft 15w36b Download

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Minecraft 15w36b Download features changes as well as bug fixes to add uniqueness to your adventure. You download and explore them for a little bit of fun.

Minecraft 15w36b download makes your adventure more unique. The version gives you a bunch of modifications, fixes, and some additions. They give the game a new vibe.

Minecraft Snapshot 15w36b
Minecraft Snapshot 15w36b

Minecraft 15w36b download is for players who want to spice up their adventures

In this twentieth version of Java Edition 1.9, you will try exploring various changes and bug fixes. They aim to enhance your experience in the previous version.

Minecraft 15w36a

Java Edition
Release date
September 2, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

The changes and bug fixes include

There are changes for various items such as snowballs and eggs. These items can create some particles when you throw them at a certain entity.

For some fixes, there are five fixes that are for the bugs in the previous versions. For instance, if you cannot put blocks in creative mode, you will make an animation. If you stand at a near distance from a mob or stat, you will lose hunger.

When snowballs and eggs deal damage to entities, they don’t create particles in version 67573. In the 1.9 development versions, the game will not make a world icon if it is lost. In version 87869, there is a crash after you step off a pressure plate.

Minecraft 15w36b free download is easy to be on your computer. So, you can get it with the Client or Server then enjoy it.

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