Minecraft 15w36c Download

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Minecraft 15w36c download delivers bug fixes regarding Endermen and other mobs' items in the game. It also betters gameplay for improved performance.

Minecraft 15w36c download is made to repair a bug in relation to Endermen in Minecraft. The version also contains other bug fixes in terms of gameplay mechanic.

Minecraft 15w36c Download – a new snapshot for Java Edition 1.9 with great bug fixes

Java Edition comes with a bunch of versions. Each version plays an important role in making Minecraft better. When there is a new version, it contains some bug fixes to enhance the experience of players.

Minecraft 15w36c

Java Edition
Release date
September 2, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

Fixes for this version

The fixes include some floating ghast bombs, or wither skulls, firing charges. Besides, for version 85007, the beacons come in 2D. Not only that but also for version 85928, the small mob of a skulker spawner can rotate outside the cage of the spawner.

There is also a fix for version 87881, which is about crash when you look at Enderman.

You can see that the version aims to bring lots of fixes. It is because the developer wants to liven up players’ experience. Once they have fixed the bugs, the performance will become better.

Minecraft 15w36c free download is a version that should catch your attention if you are a fan of Minecraft. Hence, you can try this version and let it better your experience.

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