Minecraft 18w07c

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Download Minecraft version 18w07c unblocked will definitely make you feel excited. Small improvements have been added to cover the previous outstanding issues.

Download Minecraft Snapshot for free for a new exciting building adventure! Minecraft version 18w07c is a kind of Minecraft Snapshot Preview, and it’s known as the initial.

Minecraft Version 18w07c

Java Edition
Release date
January 16, 2018
Snapshot for
Protocol version
Data version

Minecraft 18w07c brings small but necessary changes

The version contains new changes, new additions, and some hotfixes. They enhance the gaming experience. Especially, they fix bugs in the former version. The following part will show you more.

Minecraft Snapshot version 18w07c offers some minor changes from the previous version including Crowdin and Camera. You can also quickly notice 6 big fixes from versions released before 1.13 and from development versions 1.13 and later. The improvement comes from many factors such as:

  • Lava does not reduce light SKY
  • Cocoa beans cannot be on previously forest logs
  • Columns of bubbles spawn in positions that deviate from the regulations
  • The problem occurs when opening inventory while crafting a recipe book is on

Players are now able to work with objects in the game in a faster way. Additionally, they can discover new interesting things. The minecraft version 18w07c eventually launched on February 16, 2018. You can download it with the Client and Server. Its protocol version is 360, together with data version 1469.

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