Minecraft Alpha v1.2.0_01

Release Date: July 15, 2020

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Minecraft Alpha v1.2.0_01

Feel free to download Minecraft a1.2.0_01! Are you excited about this Minecraft Java Edition version that was introduced on October 30th, 2010? In this Minecraft version, you will experience several small changes and bug fixe. For instance, the soul sand in Minecraft will not create in the Nether anymore, and it was replaced with gravel. Also, the current soul sand will not vanish, and armor will not block damage anymore. For the bug fix, there was a fix to the damage sound of the player, which was very loud. Click to download Minecraft a1.2.0_01 for free!

Minecraft Alpha v1.2.0_01

Java Edition
Server version
Release date
October 31, 2010
Protocol version

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