Minecraft Beta 1.2_01

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Download Minecraft Beta 1.2_01 for free and remember to check out all changes added to the content! It's useful to boost up your gaming experience and much more!

About Minecraft Beta 1.2_01 Java Edition

Minecraft Beta 1.2_01

Minecraft Beta 1.2_01 Free Download is a new version of Java Edition Beta. It was released on January 14th, 2011. It consists of re-add slimes, fixes, and some important improvements involved in the performance. So, the cool Minecraft game has another code for a painting not existing before along with a re-addition with a low spawn rate. To Mobs, their appearing level is cut down slightly and you will not find a lot of ghosts at night anymore. Further, the text on the main menu won’t display the “Finally beta!” splash. Besides, there are 3 bugs solved. Have fun!

Minecraft Beta 1.2_01

Java Edition
Release date
January 14, 2011
Protocol version

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