Minecraft Beta 1.3b

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Download Minecraft Beta 1.3b free and embark on playing your favorite game with a big collection of additions, crucial bugs fixes, or improvements now! Have fun!

About Minecraft Beta 1.3b Java Edition

Minecraft Beta 1.3b

Beta 1.3b or Beta 1.3 is a new Minecraft version by Java Edition Beta. It contains additions, changes, and many fixes. Now, blocks like beds, redstone repeater, or slabs will own another look. Download Minecraft Beta 1.3b and do not forget tweaks reserved for command format, textures, and so on. After the release, Minecraft will receive some differences for cubes, items, mobs, world generation, gameplay, and more. Besides, there are important solutions for unpleasant problems that revolved around double slabs, etc.

Minecraft Beta 1.3b

Java Edition
Release date
February 22, 2011
Protocol version
Other instances of 1.3
Java Edition Classic server, Java Edition, Realms, New Nintendo 3DS Edition

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