Minecraft Beta 1.8.1

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Play Minecraft game and grab Beta version 1.8.1 for free in order to catch up with the latest changes for your world or fixes for uncomfortable bugs! Have fun!

About Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 Java Edition

Minecraft Beta 1.8.1

Beta 1.8.1 is considered the newest version of Java Edition Beta released for Minecraft the game on September 15, 2011. It is launched to solve a few issues and crashes that happened to the previous Beta 1.8. Minecraft b1.8.1 Download contains many adjustments related to the map generation. Specifically, support beams in mineshafts are turned into oak fences from wood planks. Besides, you will see some changes for Shift + clicking into a full chest/inventory or the dispenser.

Minecraft Beta 1.8.1

Java Edition
Release date
September 15, 2011
Protocol version
Other instances of 1.16.1
Java Edition Classic server, Java Edition, Bedrock Edition

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