Minecraft 15w35b Download

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Minecraft 15w35b Download makes your experience with Minecraft mobs better by adding some fixes to those mobs. There are also fixes for block rendering.

Minecraft 15w35b download aims to solve bugs in Minecraft. These bugs regard zombie AI, the respawning of Ender crystal, and block rendering. They work better now.

Minecraft 15w35b Snapshot Preview Released
Minecraft 15w35b Snapshot Preview Released

Minecraft 15w35b Download lets you explore bug fixes to have a better experience with mobs

In this fifteenth snapshot that is in the collection of Java Edition 1.9, you explore a variety of bug fixes relating to mobs. Those fixes are for the zombie AI that is disabled. Besides, they are for block rendering as well as the respawning of Ender crystal.

Minecraft 15w35b

Java Edition
Release date
August 24, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

Fixes for the mobs

The zombie AI that is in the disability has a fix. For the zombies that appear during 15w35a will not have AI.

In this version, you will explore various fixes for the bugs in the game. These bugs are also for different versions. For instance, for the versions before 1.9, the fix is for the issue of alternate models selection.

For the 1.9 development versions, the fix is about Ender Dragon that did not spawn. Besides, there is also a fix for Ender crystals that are not respawning when you respawn a dragon.

The version also gives a fix to when you open a world, you seem to have turned from the South. For the blocks that you have just put blocks in the End, the fix is for when they are invisible in the new chunks.

For the former development version, the fix is for Zombies not having AI.

Minecraft 15w35b Free Download aims to better the way you play with mobs in the game.

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