Minecraft Classic

Release Date: July 15, 2020
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About Minecraft Classic

Play Minecraft classic online in browsers right now! It’s so good to know that Minecraft Classic is finally accessible in the browser and is totally free for all players. The game will be a perfect chance for you to fly high your imagination. There are no foes or monsters here, which means you can play the game easily without worrying about being attacked by them. You start to place blocks down on the ground to build places and create a big kingdom in the Minecraft world for yourself. Have fun!

How to play Minecraft Classic

Move with WASD, destroy or place a block using the left mouse, toggle the build mode using the right mouse. Select a block using the number keys, save the position using key Enter, load the position using key R, open the blocks menu using key B, use key T to chat and key F to toggle fog.

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