Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Author Vincent Calendar July 16, 2020 Category Adventure Games, Minecraft Games

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About Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox Enhanced flash game is from Orion Sandbox series with better graphics and challenges. Your adventure starts again when you have to survive in a virgin world. There are many things to do for your survival here, from gathering materials, crafting armor, tools, to making improvised shelters. You should go explore your surroundings to find some treasures. Protect yourself all the time! You must keep yourself alive on this strange planet and do your best to defeat all ferocious creatures. Much fun!

How to play Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Move your character using keys A/S or left/right arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, key E to open the inventory, and the left mouse to attack enemies or mine resources.

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I’m Vincent and currently the game project team leader. I’m a geek to get to the bottom of the matter and enjoy practicing, researching and developing game projects. I have more than 5 years of experience in implementing hundreds of large and small projects. The successes and failures in this process help me know the specifics of each project and have a more diverse perspective. I hope my articles are really useful and easy to read and understand to meet your gaming needs. If you have something to discuss, leave a comment. I will try to read and answer you in detail.

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