Pixel Warfare 5

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About Pixel Warfare 5

Play Pixel Warfare 5 multiplayer free online now! Your experience with Pixel Warfare series will become better with this new title. Have your skills ready for new challenges then see if you can conquer them all. In this fifth installment, you will change and build the game through the built-in map editor. There are 10 weapons and 3 modes featured in this title, including Zombies Infection, Death Match, and Team Deathmatch. Feel free to explore them all. When you are in the battle, you have to compete against enemies, defeat them all with your weapons, and rack up your kills. You can make use of a knife, a pistol, two shotguns, a sniper rifle, or even your bare hands to deal with those enemies. Try your hardest to outplay them all using your strategies and survive in this pixelated world to become the winner. Besides Pixel Warfare 5 unblocked, you can play Pixel Warfare 4 and other previous games for great experiences!

How to play Pixel Warfare 5

Move your character using WASD, jump with the spacebar, shoot enemies using the left mouse button, and aim down sights using the right mouse button.

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