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About Voxiom.io

Voxiom.io is a shooting game online game that is free for everyone. You can experience this game in the most interesting way on the computer. It is also a game that requires intelligence and dexterity to overcome the difficult gates that players encounter.

Voxiom’s world has a lot of players, they are all your opponents and are always trying to beat you. With weapons and materials available, you can use them to take down your enemies or protect yourself. This multiplayer battle royale is a multiplayer favorite first-person shooter. In the Voxiom.io 3D map, there are sand, bricks, stones, cacti, and water. You can use them to build and build walls to protect yourself from being shot by other players.

At the start of the game, you have 100 health, it will decrease when you are injured. Use healing items such as medicine and first aid bags to restore health. Your mission in Voxiom.io unblocked is to defeat your opponent and survive to the end with your own strategy and the items you have. During the game, you can use the minimap to observe the entire map, building a reasonable movement strategy. This game currently offers 2 types of game modes: Battle royale and Capture the Gems.

How to play Voxiom.io

You use the WASD keys to move, the left mouse button for the primary action on the item, and the right mouse button for the secondary action on the item.

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