Minecraft Mods: Better Hud

Release Date: July 15, 2020

Better Hud Mods allows you gain much more custom to functions you see on the screen to Minecraft game. There is not any limitation to prevent you from raising the health, exploring new armors, food, and other items. Now, you have the easy setup without affecting to the screen.

Better Hud Mod

There is much useful information that will be shown in this mod. The compass and the biome type will be combined at the top.

The Compass and The Biome

Better Hud will display the awesome armor along with the damage next to it.

Better Hud Will Display The Awesome

The number of your arrows is also announced clearly. Thus, you can watch out conveniently if you are missing. 

The Number of Your Arrows Is Also Announced Clearly

While you are exploring the Minecraft world, the most important parts in this mod are not seen. The information of the mob, the horse, and the block can be found if you drag the cursor on them. You can look at the signs with the simple popup when you are far and point it. There are 200 blocks like that. 

The Minecraft World
The Minecraft World

Hit U key to customizing this problem. You will have the settings for Minecraft Better Hud Mods.

Minecraft Better Hud Mods

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