Minecraft Mods: Chance Cubes

Release Date: July 14, 2020

Minecraft Mods: Chance Cubes is the simple colored block. You can craft it and get the pendants and other items so that you can raise the luck ratio of these.

Minecraft Mods: Chance Cubes

This block type can change following the products’ names. Anything created from the cakes and the amazing ammo that are given to the big bosses and the exploding creatures is at the disposal of the cube.

This Block Type Can Change Following The Products' Names
Chance Cube Scanner

If you can make the Chance Cube Scanner, you also see the chance level that each block uses. The number of them is high will lead the negative ability will be more. However, the lower levels will have the helpless items. And the low ones get nothing.

The Low Ones Get Nothing

Increase the rate of chance of a block by keeping the pendants while you are exploiting materials. The Pendants has four tiers from 10 to 100.

The Pendants Has Four Tiers From 10 to 100

Minecraft Mods: Chance Cubes is the great feature in Minecraft game. Enjoy it!

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