Minecraft Mods: Farlanders

Release Date: July 14, 2020

Minecraft Farlanders Mods helps spread the Ender society. Here, you can meet new Enderman kinds and towns with the items. You can find more breeds in this mod.

Minecraft Farlanders Mods

Different from the normal villages, your new types are built with the stones. You can reach the Obsidian Towers nearby. These towers are made completely with the Obsidian. They have the Ender Golem standing in there. Chests and the hidden objects can be found underground.

Chests and The Hidden Objects Can Be Found Underground

Mystic Wands is in one of these collected chests. They have special features you can’t imagine like transport to your birth location, making you invisible for a short time or turning stone or netherrack into the ore.

Mystic Wands Is in One Of These Collected Chests
Mystic Wands

In Farlanders, you can interact with people trade the products and tame apples. From the small villagers to Titans, you can immediately meet the friends or the enemies at the door.

In Farlanders, You Can Interact with People Trade The Products

The titan ore is main material to craft Titan’s armor in this Minecraft Mods. Kill Titan you can craft new armor that make your work easier.

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