Minecraft Mods: LotsOMobs

Release Date: August 7, 2020
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MinecraftEn.com has more than 25 new mobs have been added in LotsOMobs to Minecraft Mods. They include birds, lions, snakes, fishes, and dinosaurs. If you travel in Minecraft world, you’ll know that deer fur can be used to create armor. Some of the animals like camels, mammoths and elephants are ridden as horses in vanilla Minecraft.

LotsOMobs also add many new biomes in which you can find new mobs. Penguins and polar bears spawn in the Antarctic while all species of dinosaur spawn in the Dino biome. But giraffes, elephants, lions and vultures spawn in the savanna. 

LotsOMobs 3

Aside from that, LotsOMobs in Minecraft Mods has two human NPCs: cavemen live in the Dino biome and Eskimos appear in the Antarctic biome. 

LotsOMobs 4

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