Minecraft Mods: OceanCraft

Author Vincent Calendar August 6, 2020 Category Minecraft Mods

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OceanCraft is one of the best Minecraft Mods having 10 new mobs, new blocks, and new items! Let’s access MinecraftEn.com and discover the amazing world! 


The surroundings here is full of darkness. It can cause many dangerous situations. 

Oceancraft 2

OceanCraft contains the killers in the columns, whales and more. 

Oceancraft 3

New mobs are cannibals, seagulls, and crabs. 

Oceancraft 4
Oceancraft 5
Oceancraft 6

When you dive down, you can see a lot of new blocks and mobs. 

Oceancraft 7

There are still many secrets in Minecraft Mods: OceanCraft. Let’s download and enjoy! 

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