Minecraft Mods: The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

Release Date: July 15, 2020

Minecraft Mods: The-Ultimate-Unicorn-Mod brings to you a great flying horse with the wings, horn and more. It must be the special species. They have the magical capacity that can become more awesome when you equip the armor and other parts. You can be hard to see it in the reality, but you can grab one and tame it now.

Minecraft Mods The Ultimate Unicorn Mod Free Download

You can tame the Unicorn with Golden Apples and rise more energy by using F key. When you add a helm with a magic wand, you can open many abilities such as fire and lightning magic.

The Unicorn with Golden Apples

The Pegasus, Nightmare and Destrier in The-Ultimate-Unicorn-Mod are scarce creatures, but they give you more power if you control any of them. Pegasus and Nightmare can fly, and the Destrier has the strong steps.

The slots of the armor on the new horses can be risen more than the helm. The horseshoes give you extra capacity when it goes on the icy surface. And the slots in the wing tip help you in the fights by pressing C key.

The Pegasus, Nightmare and Destrier in The-Ultimate-Unicorn-Mod

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