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Author Vincent Calendar July 29, 2022

Before you play minecraft game for free on, make sure you read through our Privacy Policy carefully to know why we collect your information!

Privacy Policy of

Here’s the full Privacy Policy given and hosted by us –! All users are highly suggested to have a careful look at our Privacy Policy to have a good grasp on which information about them is collected by us. Before you become the official users of our website, it’s important for you to understand all the Privacy Policy in accordance with terms of use of Privacy Policy covers some crucial information that users need to be aware of, including:

  • The type of information collected by
  • The reason why your information is collected by us.
  • The type of information that is not collected by us.
  • The way the users can approach and manage their information collected by us.
  • Information about cookies.
  • Information about our security.

Besides Privacy Policy, users are recommended to go through our Terms of Use before using our online services.

The type of information collected by

  • When you play minecraft game on our website, you will provide your basic information to us, which could include your preferences and other information related to your gameplay.
  • The information you use to contact us, like your Avatar/Profile Picture, Username, Email, Address, your Name and Password you use for the game account. All of these will be collected by us.
  • We also collect the data you have given to us for advertising purposes. We collect the data of the games you have played, the IP Address, your country, your time zone, local settings, the network connection, and the browsers.
  • Your device ID, user ID, and other information in relation to the games you have played on our website will all be collected by us for analytics. This also includes the ads you have viewed and clicked.
  • There will be third parties on our website, and some information of yours will be collected from third parties, especially Facebook. Your Facebook name, profile picture, Facebook ID, and other public data of your friends will be gathered by us.

The reason why your information is collected by us

For some reasons we have to pick up your information when you use our online services:

  • With your information collected by us, we will provide you with our games online, minecraft downoad, skins minecraft game and other games like minecraft.
  • Your information will help us know how to improve our services and fix any bugs in case you are experiencing them in your games.
  • Your information will help us contact you when you need our support. For all the questions about our website or any games, you can send your requests to us via
  • Your data will help us find new users.
  • Your data will help us place the advertisements to maintain the website.
  • Your collected information will help us detect and prevent fraud and illegal activity.

The type of information that is not collected by us

We,, do not gather improper information and the information of children under 13. We don’t recommend children under 13 to come and play inappropriate games for their age.

The way the users can approach and manage their information collected by us

The information of users can be accessed and managed by them. You are allowed to approach and change your information to your likings or even delete it if you want. If you have any questions about this, feel free to send it to us via


We use cookies on our website – in terms of collecting information on the users. Besides cookies, we may also use other corresponding technologies. For your information, a cookie is known as a series of information contained by a website on the visitor’s computer and on the browser that visitor uses when they come back to the website. Most of the websites on the Internet utilize cookies to help the websites run more effectively. Also, thanks to cookies, we will have a good grasp of how our website is being used by the visitors and who is utilizing it. A limited number of cookies are now being used on

Security follows all the reasonable technical and organizational safety methods to avoid having users misusing or changing their personal information. We use passwords to protect the databases we are storing. The staff in charge of managing the website will use the passwords to approach the system.

Although we use technical and organizational safety methods to keep our security running well, users should know that no security system can prevent all likely security violations. If any violations happen to our website, we will try our best to fix it and maintain the system the best we can.

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