Space Haste Hunter 2 Hacked

Release Date: July 15, 2020

About Space Haste Hunter 2 Hacked

Space Haste Hunter 2 hacked unblocked is a nice Shooting game in which you have to battle against lots of alien ships in order to defend your planet from their attacks. Direct your spaceship carefully and roam around to slay all foes. Aim and shoot them down with your excellent shooting skills, avoid their assaults and always protect yourself to stay alive until the end. Try to prepare your tactics and skills in advance so you will deal with the enemies more easily. Have a blast with it!

How to play Space Haste Hunter 2 Hacked

Direct your ship with left/right arrow keys. Tap up arrow key to shoot and thrust. Hack info: Tap key 1 and 2 to add more health and XP.

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