Army Mastery Clicker Hacked

Release Date: July 14, 2020

About Army Mastery Clicker Hacked

Army Mastery Clicker hacked unblocked is an amazing Idle game online. The main goal of the game is to buy a bunch of upgrades with your earned coins. To gain more coins, you must repeatedly click on the swordsman, and try to increase the mastery level so that you can unlock more achievements and new stuff. The game is all about upgrading! Make sure you deliver tons of clicks for a bunch of upgrades! Are you up for this? Let’s play the game now! Have fun!

How to play Army Mastery Clicker Hacked

Use the mouse to click on the swordsman and buy more upgrades. Hack info: Press key 1 for money x2, key 2 for talent x2, key 3 for mastery x2. Make sure the values of those stuff are always higher than 0 or multiplying values.

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