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Author Vincent Calendar July 29, 2022

Terms of Use is what you need to read as soon as you visit minecraften.com. Please make sure you read terms before playing and sharing anything on our site!

This is the Terms of Use at Minecraften.com which tells you some of the terms that need to be followed when you visit this website. They are about your responsibility to respect and protect our copyrights and some notes about the content you share.

Please read the information in this article carefully and email us if you have any comments or questions. We always want to listen to our users to change the terms of use if necessary.

Important terms of use at Minecraften.com

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about Minecraften.com. Our website is a playground for lovers of the Minecraft game genre. It shares to everyone free games inspired by classic Minecraft. There, you can build, fight, survive, adventure and do what you like.

Some of the games here will allow you to play online, while others will require you to download, but they are completely free. Minecraft games with addictive gameplay and typical blocky graphics style will give you an unforgettable experience.

With a mission to connect players globally, we have to have our own rules to ensure a safe and healthy experience for everyone. That’s why we have set up these terms of use and privacy policy. And if you visit our website, you need to comply with them or you should leave.

Respect the copyright of what belongs to our website

Copyright is one of the important aspects to have in any product, including our website, Minecraften.com. Therefore, if you are a user of this website, you need to comply with certain terms of respect for copyright. We will list what belongs to our copyright and your responsibility for them.

All the games on this site do not belong to us, we have compiled them from various sources to share to you for free. Therefore, we do not have a policy to respect the copyright of the game and its related content such as source code, images, videos, logos and more.

So, we do not ask you to consult us every time you want to share this content anywhere. Feel free to enjoy the game, compete with your friends online and share them with your friends! Besides, you can also download and install Minecraft games at Minecraften.com at any time without asking permission.

However, some other content on this website belongs to us and it is your responsibility to respect their copyrights. These include articles, game descriptions, how to play, and game update information. They belong to our content team and are always polished for easy access to games.

Therefore, if you want to share these content, please contact us. You also need to share the source of our website with the content you want to share. We do not tolerate behavior that does not respect our copyrights and will take measures to deal with user accounts that do so.

Manage your information effectively

There are two important terms regarding user information that everyone needs to know.

Firstly, you are responsible for the protection and security of your personal information including your account, password, email and more. Please do not share your account and password with anyone to avoid misuse of personal information for malicious purposes. If you discover theft of personal information, please notify us.

Second, the information you share on our website must comply with the laws. It must not be content, images and videos related to pornography, violence, crime, and other vile matters. Remember that there are always other players at Minecraften.com and you need to respect their rights!

We will take action against individual accounts that violate the terms of use at this website. If the behavior is mild, we may send a warning email to the violator. If it’s high-impact behavior, we’re ready to permanently ban the offending individual account.

You should be aware that these terms may be changed from time to time to accommodate the current situation. We change them based on user opinions and our own judgment. But we will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.

Please read carefully and understand our terms of use at Minecraften.com. It is a place to connect a lot of players around the world, especially Minecraft fans. If you have no questions about these terms, find your favorite game here and enjoy it now!

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