Minecraft 15w34b

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Minecraft Version 15w34b focuses on expanding features and improving the game with bug fixes. You download and try this version for free to explore them.

Minecraft Version 15w34b is here for fixing some bugs of version 15w34a. It also expands the collection of features by adding some unique blocks, items, and mobs.

Minecraft Version 15w34b – an amazing version with bug fixes and great features

This version of Minecraft serves you with amazing features that liven up your gaming experience. For instance, you can try using some command blocks. They come with new settings including unconditional and conditional.

Minecraft 15w34b All Items
Minecraft 15w34b All Items

About items, you can try putting on a set of armor. There are also some armor points that rely on armor durability. For the in-game mobs, when they take damage, they give you some brown heart particles.

Besides, this version also has some non-mob entities. They are Minecarts that have command blocks.

Minecraft 15w34b

Java Edition
Release date
August 20, 2015
Protocol version
Data version

Some fixes that aim to make the game better

When you make or load a singleplayer world, you will see the main menu for a few seconds. Besides, you can move your hand up and down when you scroll the hotbar.

There is also a fix for the giants. When you call for them, they will be invisible. For a fix of the cursor, the cursor will not show up when you zoom in or zoom out of the maps.

Download Minecraft Version 15w34b for free to explore unique features as well as upgrade your experience with bug fixes.

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