Minecraft Beta 1.7

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Minecraft Beta 1.7 is a big update with a large number of additions alongside changes, fixes, and so on. Download the version to learn about tweaks now!

Minecraft Beta 1.7 brings some unique additions to your experience, like pistols, shears, and mobs. It also has several changes to polish up the game performance.

Minecraft Beta 1.7 Download
Minecraft Beta 1.7 Download

Minecraft Beta 1.7 features amazing additions for your exploration

As you know, Minecraft is a survival game with lots of things to use and explore. Therefore, it is good for you to try various additions added to the game through versions.

Download Minecraft Beta 1.7

Minecraft Beta 1.7 For Client

In the Beta 1.7 version, you can explore some additions such as blocks, items, and a mob. For blocks, you use Piston and Sticky Piston. They are items that can push blocks when Redstone powers them.

For items, you can try using some Shears – a kind of new tool for collecting leaves. For a mob, it is a Silverfish in this version. Because there is no AI for this mob, you can call for the Silverfish in an easy way.

The gaming environment is much better

You will experience a funnier and better environment in this version. It is due to some changes. The changes are made for blocks, items, controls, and even mobs.

Minecraft Beta 1.7 free download refreshes your experience with Minecraft download and gives you a great time when you play it.

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