Minecraft Version 1.8.8-pre

Release Date: December 21, 2020
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Minecraft Version 1.8.8-pre

Minecraft Version 1.8.8-pre contains many changes and fixes as well as other exciting information about realms. You can find the minigame Splatter by SethBling to Minecraft Realms, the name of the map Splatoon after the Wii U game, or some improved unspecified functionality. Aside from that, there are only up to rendered 16 layers. The resource packs can display an error if the pack version number is not 1. Finally, seven issues from released versions before 1.8.8, the 1.7.2 development versions, and private problems are also solved.

Minecraft Version 1.8.8-pre

Java Edition
Release date
July 27, 2015
Protocol version

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